charles kiene

Hello, you found my personal website.

I’m Charlie.

I am a MA/PhD student in the Communication Department at the University of Washington.

From Reddit subcommunities to Discord servers to World of Warcraft guilds, my research interests lie in the strategies of governance and organizing in online communities, especially when they experience massive change, like user influxes, platform shifts, new technologies, mergers, or an exodus of community members. I’m also interested in the technologies online communities use to organize, such as bots for automating redundant aspects of moderation work, communication applications and the role of voice calls, and other forms of end-user programming that allow online groups to govern and defend their digital boundaries. My future work seeks to evaluate how online communities manage and make sense of internal conflicts and disputes over self-governance, as well as conflicts with other communities and how social boundaries are maintained or change from interactions with mutual or competing groups.

I use a variety of research strategies including both qualitative and quantitative methods, but most of my past work has involved in-depth interviewing and ethnography.

Currently, I’m working on two separate projects. The first is an analysis between 1) the sets of rules self-governing communities on Reddit choose to moderator content and behavior and 2) the position of each community within an affiliation network of co-moderated subreddit communities. The second project I”m working on seeks to explore the phenomenon of “forking” applied to online discussion communities and understand why some online communities that have forked are more successful than others.

Research Papers

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